The Africa Geographic magazine will be following our progress on their web page. A blog is busy being created and we will post the link on this page so that you can follow our adventure.
Mandy & Kim
4/3/2012 06:01:26 pm

Thinking of you all as you head north to begin your epic adventure

Chris Perks
4/3/2012 07:43:21 pm

Have FUN!

Judy Hampson
4/3/2012 09:07:30 pm

Go for it guys. We're thinking of you. Lotsa love

4/3/2012 09:09:17 pm

"...vat nie k...k nie..."

Craig and Andrea
4/7/2012 06:37:39 am

Good luck as kick off your paddle tomorrow. Have an awsome time Cant wait to see pictures.

Gran & gramps
4/8/2012 06:55:35 pm

Have fun. enjoy the rest of it. Stay safe.

Ras & Georgie
4/8/2012 07:29:20 pm

Good luck, stay safe, keep us up-dated and have the most awesome experience xxx

Martin and Jen
4/10/2012 01:48:49 am

Well done on progress so far. Looking forward to the next episode.
Keep the pics and comments rolling

Kim & Mandy
4/12/2012 06:29:33 pm

Well done guys on breaking the 100 kay mark! Remember one step at a time and we are with you all the way! Proud of you all. Paddle safe and lots of love

Trev & Judz
4/13/2012 03:52:45 am

Well done guys! Only 1300k's to go. Bleak about your matress Tup.... and the tents ......bummer! Praying for you all daily. Lotsa love, we're so proud of you.

4/15/2012 08:04:52 pm

Hi! Guys! What a wonderful experience! Praying that you have fair winds and God speed! Looking forward to your visit!!

Ruth Stoky
4/17/2012 02:39:37 am

Hi Squeek and gang. Wow!!!!! What an adventure. You guys are made from great African stock. This trip certainly is not for the weak of heart! Stay the course. You're great!!!!!!

Brett Sandra Paige Stru
5/20/2012 07:57:05 pm

Well done Guys sounds very hard but rewarding keep going, thinking of you and very proud of you!!


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